Optimizing performance with Defi advance a1 OBD controller & ZD 6 gauges systems

The Defi Advance A1 6 gauges consist of the following systems:

1. Oil Temperature: This gauge measures the temperature of the engine oil. It provides valuable information about the oil’s ability to lubricate and cool the engine. Monitoring oil temperature helps prevent engine damage due to overheating or insufficient lubrication.

2. Water Temperature: This gauge measures the temperature of the engine coolant. It helps detect any overheating issues which can lead to engine damage. Monitoring water temperature also allows for optimizing engine performance and detecting potential cooling system problems.

3. Oil Pressure: This gauge measures the pressure of the engine oil. It indicates the level of lubrication provided to the engine’s moving parts. Monitoring oil pressure helps detect any oiling system malfunctions that can cause engine damage or failure.

4. Boost: This gauge measures the intake manifold pressure or boost pressure in turbocharged or supercharged engines. It provides important information about the engine’s forced induction system, helping to monitor and optimize performance. Monitoring boost pressure is particularly crucial for vehicles that have undergone engine modifications or tuning.

5. RPM (Revolution Per Minute): This gauge measures the engine speed in revolutions per minute. It provides real-time information about the engine’s RPM, allowing drivers to shift gears at the appropriate time, maintain optimal performance, and prevent over-revving the engine.

6. Voltage: This gauge measures the electrical voltage level of the vehicle’s battery or alternator output. It helps monitor the health of the electrical system and detect any charging or battery problems. Maintaining an appropriate voltage level ensures reliable operation of various electrical components in the vehicle.

The Defi Advance A1 6 gauges provide comprehensive and accurate information about crucial engine parameters, allowing drivers to monitor engine health, optimize performance, and prevent potential issues or damages.

Package include 

  • 6 pcs A1 gauges
  • OBD controller unit
  • Sensors
  • ZD


3 reviews for Optimizing performance with Defi advance a1 OBD controller & ZD 6 gauges systems

  1. Chae Jiang

    Country: PL

    Came in good condition …. Not checked…. But it looks good…

  2. Emmanuel Gillie

    Country: KR

    I haven’t installed it yet, but the components are there.

  3. Alisa Watts

    Country: NZ

    Box was secured well and arrived with no damage. all parts accounted for. will update when installed.

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