Hydraulic Drift Handbrake System | Hellaboost Performance

A hydraulic drift handbrake system is a type of handbrake that is specifically designed for drifting and making sharp turns in a vehicle. It uses hydraulic pressure to engage the handbrake, providing more precise control and quicker response compared to traditional mechanical handbrakes. This type of handbrake is often used in performance or race cars to allow the driver to easily initiate and control drifts during high-speed maneuvers. It is a popular modification for drift enthusiasts and professional racers looking to enhance their car’s handling and control.


  • 280mm Long Handle with grip section
  • 1-input 2-output
  • Colours available in Black , Red , Blue
  • Weight 2.2kg


5 reviews for Hydraulic Drift Handbrake System | Hellaboost Performance

  1. Charley Lu

    Charley Lu

  2. Marchelle Dowden

    Country: BR

    Apparently good quality item, not installed yet. Only delivery that took a week after expected, but was delivered

  3. Kawano Tanyu

    Country: FR
  4. Roderick Roth

    Country: BR

    My customers loved it, a lot of quality

  5. Eleri Barnes

    Country: PL
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