Greddy sirius vision gauges system

The Greddy Sirius Vision 6 features a unique translucent display with gauges for accurate measurement and monitoring. Here are six items that can be displayed on this innovative dashboard:

  • boost pressure
  • oil pressure
  • water temperature
  • fuel pressure
  • exhaust gas temperature
  • and voltage.


2. Colorful Display: It features a full-color TFT LCD display with customizable color settings to suit your preference and match your vehicle’s interior.
3. Data Logging: The device supports data logging capabilities to record and store important engine parameters for later analysis.
4. Warning Functions: The Sirius Vision can be programmed to provide visual and audible warnings when certain parameters exceed pre-set limits, helping to prevent engine damage.
5. Multiple Sensor Inputs: It is equipped with multiple sensor inputs, allowing for easy integration with additional Greddy sensors or third-party sensors.
6. Adjustable Monitor Stand: The adjustable monitor stand allows for easy installation and personalized positioning on your vehicle’s dashboard.
7. User-Friendly Interface: The device features a user-friendly interface with intuitive menu navigation, making it easy to access and customize settings.
8. Warning Indicator Light: A built-in warning indicator light provides a clear visual indication of warning states.
9. Quick Start Feature: The quick start feature allows for a faster initial display when turning on the device.
10. Expandable System: The Greddy Sirius Vision is designed to be expandable, allowing for future compatibility with other Greddy products or systems.

Package include 

  • 3 LCD Gauges
  • Control unit
  • Temp sensor kit
  • Pressure kit


3 reviews for Greddy sirius vision gauges system

  1. Fukumoto Shusake

    Country: IT

    It is done well and very well Packed but I have not fitted it yet

  2. Gianmaria De Sario

    Country: US

    Exelent product

  3. Korey Wu

    Country: IT

    Very good product

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