Bmw E46 m3 Style 2d / 4d taillights


  • Bmw 3 series e46 (1998-2005)


  • lens colour : smoke
  • High quality durability led light upgrade.
  • Premium quality & design.
  • 1 year warranty.


3 reviews for Bmw E46 m3 Style 2d / 4d taillights

  1. Mcsoy

    I thought they’ll fit on my old 2002 BMW 318i, they’re not so I have to spent another $400 to remedied the car tail light pocket to fit in, they’re beautiful though.

  2. TiffanyTiffany

    Install was pretty seamless, everything went in how it should and gave a very modern appearance to the car. Seemed like genuine Spyder taillights so applause for that. Build quality overall was sufficient and consistent across all pieces of the tail lights. Only minor gripe was that the second replacement red bulb for the inner light was nowhere to be seen in the packaging. Regardless a great product

  3. Antonio AlvaradoAntonio Alvarado

    De el 1 al 10 le doy un 8 a este producto lo puse en un bmw 325i e46 m56 2003 y quedo ala perfección solo son detalles que si lo compras te darás cuenta como la intensidad de la luz de los neones no es la que tu imaginas ya que son LED pero x lo demás todo bien, si en caso fayan o algo modificare esta opinión

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