RAYS Volk Racing CE28N 10 Spoke | Hellaboost Performance

The Rays Volk Racing Ce28n wheels are designed for high performance and are a popular choice among car enthusiasts. These 17 x 7.5j wheels have a 5 x 114 bolt pattern and a +43 offset,18  x 9.5j wheels have a 5 x 114 bolt pattern and a +22 offset, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

The wheels are constructed from lightweight and durable forged aluminum, allowing for improved handling and overall performance. The Ce28n wheels feature a classic 6-spoke design with a sleek finish, adding a stylish and sporty look to any vehicle.

These wheels are perfect for track use or daily driving, providing excellent strength and rigidity. With their precise construction and top-quality materials, the Volk Racing Ce28n wheels are a high-performance option for car enthusiasts looking to upgrade their vehicle’s appearance and performance.