Rays nismo omori factory LMGT4 alloywheels Black

The Ray's Nismo LMGT4 Omori is a high-performance sports wheel designed specifically for racing and track use. It is produced by Ray's Engineering, a renowned Japanese wheel manufacturer known for its superior quality products.

The LMGT4 Omori is part of the Nismo (Nissan Motorsports) line of wheels, which are engineered to maximize the performance and aesthetics of Nismo vehicles. These wheels feature a lightweight and durable construction using advanced manufacturing techniques, such as the use of forged aluminum alloy.

The LMGT4 Omori design is inspired by motorsports and features a multi-spoke layout, with a distinct concave profile that not only enhances the appearance but also ensures improved brake caliper clearance. The spokes are designed to optimize rigidity and reduce weight, resulting in enhanced handling and acceleration performance.

To further enhance the overall performance, the LMGT4 Omori features a unique PCD (19 x 9.5 et 15 ) and offset configuration, which allows for proper fitment with various Nismo vehicles. The wheel is available in different sizes and finishes, catering to the specific requirements of individual car models and personal preferences.

In summary, the Ray's Nismo LMGT4 Omori is a high-quality sports wheel designed for racing and track applications, offering a combination of lightweight construction, advanced design, and optimal fitment, resulting in improved performance and aesthetics for Nismo vehicles.


19 x 9.5 et 15 offset