Bride stradia III low max sport seats

Bride Low Max Adjustable Racing Seats are high-quality racing seats designed to provide maximum comfort and support for drivers during racing situations.

These seats feature an adjustable reclining mechanism that allows drivers to find their preferred seating position for optimal driving performance. The low-profile design of the seat ensures that it fits snugly into the car’s interior, providing excellent stability and control.

The seats are constructed using lightweight yet durable materials, such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, to ensure a strong and secure seating experience. The padding and upholstery are made from high-density foam and premium fabric, providing both comfort and breathability.

Bride Low Max Racing Seats also incorporate safety features like integrated headrests, harness slots, and side bolsters to provide maximum protection for the driver. These seats are also compatible with aftermarket harnesses and seat brackets, allowing for easy installation and customization.