Bmw 5 Series F10 Titanium Valved Cat-back Exhaust Systems | Hellaboost Performance

The BMW 5 Series F10 Titanium Valved Cat-back Exhaust System is a high-performance aftermarket exhaust system designed to enhance the sound and power of your BMW 5 Series F10. This exhaust system is constructed from lightweight and durable titanium, ensuring maximum performance and durability.

The valved design of this exhaust system allows for two distinct exhaust tones: a deep, aggressive roar when the valves are open, and a more subdued, mellow tone when closed. This gives you the flexibility to customize the exhaust note to your preference, whether you want to turn heads on the track or enjoy a more refined sound while cruising on the highway.

In addition to the improved sound, this exhaust system also offers performance gains, thanks to its free-flowing design and reduced backpressure. The increased exhaust flow helps to maximize power and torque, giving your BMW 5 Series F10 an added boost in performance.

Installation of the BMW 5 Series F10 Titanium Valved Cat-back Exhaust System is straightforward and can be completed with basic hand tools. The system is designed to fit seamlessly with the factory mounting points, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Overall, the BMW 5 Series F10 Titanium Valved Cat-back Exhaust System is the perfect upgrade for BMW enthusiasts looking to improve the sound and performance of their 5 Series F10. With its high-quality construction, valved design, and performance gains, this exhaust system is sure to impress even the most discerning BMW enthusiasts.


  • Made of Titanium with computerized mandrel-bends for strength and durability.
  • Aggressive deep and smooth tone sound while ensures smooth exhaust gas flowIncrease engine output and efficiency.
  • Dyno proven to instantly increases 18 to 25 horsepower.
  • Weighs lighter than an Oem Exhaust system.