BEE-R Rev Limiter

**Bee Racing Rev Limiter**

The Bee Racing Rev Limiter is an advanced electronic device designed to protect your high-performance engine from damage caused by over-revving. Utilizing ignition cut technology, it effectively limits the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) to a safe level, preventing catastrophic consequences.

**Key Features:**

* Ignition Cut: Unlike fuel cut systems found in many standard vehicles, the Bee Racing Rev Limiter employs ignition cut to safeguard your engine. This method is preferred in high-performance applications as it eliminates the risk of damage associated with fuel cut at high RPMs.

* Motorsport-Inspired: The ignition cut technology used in the Bee Racing Rev Limiter is the same as that employed in Formula 1 (F1), World Rally Championship (WRC), and other elite motorsport competitions, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.

* Professional Installation: The Bee Racing Rev Limiter should be installed by an experienced mechanic to ensure proper functioning and integration with your vehicle’s electronic systems.

* Wide Compatibility: The Bee Racing Rev Limiter is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, catering to enthusiasts and professional racers alike. Refer to the attached manual to confirm compatibility with your specific vehicle’s Type B and Type H configurations.


* Engine Protection: The Bee Racing Rev Limiter safeguards your engine by preventing over-revving, which can lead to costly repairs or even catastrophic engine failure.

* Enhanced Performance: Ignition cut allows for more precise control over the engine’s power output, resulting in improved performance, responsiveness, and longevity.

* Motorsport-Grade Technology: The Bee Racing Rev Limiter brings motorsport-proven ignition cut technology to your own vehicle, enabling you to experience the precision and performance advantages enjoyed by professional race teams.

**Experience the Difference:**

The Bee Racing Rev Limiter is the ultimate choice for protecting your high-performance engine and unlocking its true potential. With its advanced ignition cut technology, motorsport-inspired design, and professional installation, you can be confident in the reliability and performance of your vehicle’s engine. Invest in the Bee Racing Rev Limiter and unleash the full potential of your driving experience.